Graeme Pratt receives the Ibstock prize for ‘Best Urban Intervention’.


Congratulations to Graeme Pratt, one of our Part 2 architectural students who received the Ibstock prize for ‘Best Urban Intervention’ for his 5th year design studio project: ‘Support IN-Mouraria’ at the recent Sheffield Hallam degree show. 

Here’s a bit about the project:

IN-Mouraria is an existing clinic aiming to promote the right to health of migrants. It focuses on prevention and HIV testing, hepatitis, drug addiction and access to health services within the area of Mouraria, Lisbon. The proposed design is to create a new centre for residential rehabilitation which will encourage both natives and migrates in the area to seek help and make connections within the community of the Mouraria through art, craft, sport and music. 

‘Rehabilitation through Activity’ 

Service users will be encouraged through the technique of occupational therapy to divert their thoughts by creating art and craft in a shared arts room that adjoins private temporary accommodation. This work can then be exhibited and sold in public exhibition spaces to promote self-confidence and even earn an income while receiving treatment.  

The architectural form represents the public ‘supporting’ the service users, through the use of columns above the expanded public realm, holding up the individual bedroom pods. The material of the main private clinic is locally sourced limestone that integrates the building into its surroundings. The public spaces will be more versatile and therefore will be built using scaffolding, which itself has become an integral part of the area. To give the intervention its own identity, the scaffolding is clad in decorative screens. 

This will be the first phase of a series of developments spread across the Mouraria to increase awareness and provide a necessary public service throughout Lisbon. 

The degree show will be on display from 19th June - 2nd July: