Another milestone and the circular nature of our business!

Adrian Taylor

Another milestone and the circular nature of our business!

Today P+HS Architects celebrates another anniversary for one of its senior team.

Little did Adrian Taylor think when he had an interview with Chris Dennis and Joe Biggs in early June 1999 that he would still be here at P+HS Architects.

But today, Friday 12th July 2019, he celebrates his 20 year anniversary of employment with us. You have to hand it to him, the man has staying power!

Adrian recalled the Practice then: 'In those days there was one office, four Directors, one Associate and a total staff of 12. Back then I was employee number 13 according to my payslip; you could have a company car, but you also had to retire at 60!' Adrian started out as Project Lead (which today everyone thinks is a new role!!) and his first job was working on Cleveland Health Centre.

A lot has changed over the years; the industry itself, technology and of course growth for the Practice. Now, having been involved in over 250 projects - via award winning healthcare design, the exceptionally sustainable development of Fodder and his one and only glass pyramid (!) - Adrian has, for the last 10 years, fulfilled the role of Technical Director for the Practice. Later this year he will take on the mantle of Managing Director when Joe (who was an Associate when Adrian started all those years ago) retires.